Vamsi Borra

Thank you for stopping by.

I am faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Youngstown State University (YSU).

Before moving to YSU, I worked as an assistant professor and program coordinator (Computer Engineering Technology) in the Department of Computer Science, Information Systems, and Engineering Technology at California University of Pennsylvania (CALU). Also, prior to CALU, I was a visiting assistant professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department at the University of Toledo. I also worked as an electrical engineer for Valley Electrical Consolidated Inc. (Girard, OH) before starting my Ph.D. studies.

I served as a chair of the Toledo section’s IEEE Young professionals group. My research interests include characterization and fabrication of electronics materials, controlled whisker growth, thin-film fabrication and characterization, and condensed matter physics-related research.  I was recently awarded a patent to mitigate whisker growth Nickel Oxide sublayer.